What the Agro-Chemical Companies Don’t Want You to Know

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5 min readApr 13, 2021
A nitrate factory, based on the Haber-Bosch process

There’s a 100 year old conspiracy that’s keeping you from reaching your full potential as a grower. No, I’m not talking about cannabis prohibition, although that certain hasn’t helped. I’m talking about the discovery of chemical fertilizers, and the resulting agrochemical-industrial complex that was born from it. Today, some of the biggest, most profitable and most powerful companies in the world are fertilizer companies. And they’ve pushed the Big Lie that in order to grow plants, you need to feed them nutrients. They’ve pushed it so effectively that the need to feed plants nutrients is considered common knowledge among growers and farmers alike, and most of the time, is not even questioned.

Ironically, this lie started with an innocent, scientific breakthrough that turned out to be one of the greatest scientific misunderstandings of the last 150 years. It all started one day in 1840, when a german scientist named Justus von Liebig published his findings that the nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) were the key “macronutrients” needed for plant growth, and that adding them directly to the root zone caused plants to grow rapidly. So the Big Lie exists because of Liebig.

Fast forward 70 years to the start of World War I. The Germans had just cracked the code for producing synthetic nitrogen, and were in a race with the US and other countries to build factories that could manufacture explosives using nitrates. After the war ended, something had to be done with all those factories. So these companies — encouraged by a government that wanted to have an easy way to start manufacturing explosives again at a moment’s notice — converted these factories into nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing plants. And because nitrogen fertilizers made plants greener and grow faster than anyone had ever seen, farmers got hooked. There was an unforeseen consequence of using these fertilizers however. As soon as farmers started seeing these bigger yields, their crops were threatened by an army of pests and weeds. So the chemists put their heads together again, and realized that the toxic gasses that had been developed to use as chemical weapons and in Nazi concentration camps could also be used to kill insects. So they started calling those toxic chemicals pesticides, and began selling them to farmers too. And so humanity’s war with nature began a new chapter.

What some people are finally realizing, many decades later, is that those nitrogen fertilizers are like highly addictive drugs (the kind of drugs that SHOULD be Schedule 1): once you get hooked on them, you can’t live without them. So not only did these big companies and our government outlaw cannabis, but then they made sure that anyone who grew cannabis got hooked on growing with chemicals so that giant agro-chemical companies could siphon away their profits.

Are you starting to get the picture?

It’s time to break these chains. Because the truth is that you can grow superior cannabis without needing to feed your plant ANY nutrients. Doing so will in fact save you time, money and will propel your product to the top-shelf. This is why world famous hash-maker Frenchy Cannoli never uses cannabis grown with synthetic nutrients.

Some people might call us purists, or idealists, for taking this approach. We actually see ourselves as pragmatists. Because once you understand this new way of growing, you’ll see that it not only yields the best results, but it also is the most efficient and profitable.

So what’s the downside? The only downside we see is that it takes time to learn and perfect this method. You’re unlikely to make the transition AND get stellar results overnight, because learning this method will first require a lot of unlearning. Luckily, at Everflux Technologies, we’ve created tools and resources that will make that transition much easier than it has been in the past.

But if the only downside is that it takes time to learn, why isn’t everyone growing this way already? After all, people have been growing hemp or cannabis in America since before the American Revolution, so there’s been plenty of time to learn. Well, remember that the Big Lie has been around for over 100 years, and is so prevalent in the farming and growing community, that anyone who questions it gets called crazy. Those who have tried and failed reinforce the belief by talking about how you can’t grow without nutrients on online forums. Some of those commenters might even be paid by the fertilizer industry. Not only do the fertilizer companies push this agenda with their multi-million dollar marketing budgets, but they also have become the biggest funders of crop research at agricultural universities across America. So agricultural extension agents have pushed this same lie for them too. And even before the Big Lie came about, other misinformed practices in western agriculture — like tilling — had been leading us down this path.

So if you’re tired of doing what everyone else is doing, and no longer want to be a slave to the agrochemical-industrial complex, then this blog is for you. It’s time to wake up and learn how to truly cultivate nutrient dense plants, using knowledge that’s almost as old as the human species, and has been passed down by farmers for thousands of years. But we’re not just advocating going back to ancient methods completely. In the last few decades, modern science has finally begun to explain why growing with nature — i.e. soil microlife — is far superior to chemical and nutrient growing. And science still has a long way to go to fully explain what goes on in the soil, but we know enough now to start understanding the truth about how to grow healthy, high quality, high-yielding plants.



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